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To the Place that I Will Tell You


Hello again, Light & Coffee-ers!

Since this week we hit the 30-day mark from Dovi’s arrival in Olam HaZeh, I’m wo-manning up and putting myself back on a schedule – which, lucky for you, includes ending my blogging maternity leave. (And by “lucky for you” I mean “lucky for me”).

The Dude (and his passie) abides.

The Dude (and his passie) abides.

I’ve actually been meaning to post for a couple weeks now, but every time I sat down to write, I couldn’t isolate a thought or concept to explore. The past month has been spent intensely In the Present Moment, which has been both very cool and very disorienting.

It’s such a blessing how easily my husband and I have been able to cast off the old context of our life and wander through this new reality unburdened. I guess we’re taking our cue from Avraham and Sarah who, over the last couple weeks’ Torah portions, have been asked by G-d  on a number of occasions to leave their dwelling place and travel to an unspecified destination – “The place that I will tell you.” Each time G-d asks, Avraham and Sarah immediately gather the people and things they need, and set joyfully on their way. They were on a mission to transform the world through G-dliness.

And so are all of us.

When the Infinite comes to you and asks you to leave your “home”, your comfort zone, in the guise of life change, big or small, outrightly positive or seemingly negative (G-d forbid), you can be assured that it is because the time has come to move on to the next stage of your soul’s mission here. And you can be certain that, if you follow the example of Avraham and Sarah and embark on the next leg of your journey with joy and a light heart, you will prosper both physically and spiritually. Because joy in the face of uncertainty is the most powerful elicitor of Divine blessing. When all you know about your destination is that it’s “the place that [G-d] will tell you,” you have no map, no context, no knowledge, nothing but your Essential Self to cling to. But that’s the part of you that transcends space, time, and context, the part of you that is Literally a Piece of G-d Above, that part of you that is one with the Source of All Blessing.

And that’s a journey worth taking.


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