Well Hey There, Square One!


Well, looks like G-d wants me to practice what I’ve been preaching up in hurr the past few blog posts: my husband and I found out a few days ago that the shlichus (Jewish outreach job) we were slated to start next week isn’t happening anymore.

It’s a big disappointment, but what can I say? The Infinite runs His world, and He has seen fit to place us squarely back in Square One. (Or “Sqwurr One”, in the local dialect).

Well hey there, Square One!

Well hey thurr, Sqwurr One!

Awesomely, we don’t have to look hard to see tons of blessings in the situation. I won’t enumerate them here, but they are indeed plentiful. Thanks for that, Heavenly Boss Man.

Square One is pretty familiar territory by now, and I’ve learned a thing or two about it in my (copious amount of) time hanging out here. While it can look pretty barren, it’s the most fertile ground in the Universe for new beginnings. It’s the perfect place to recycle your baggage, and you can’t beat the view of the ground you’ve already covered. And the best part is that Square One isn’t actually subject to the normal laws of physics – you don’t have to proceed again to Squares Two, Three, and Four to get where you’re going, you can jump right ahead to Square Infinity if you play your cards right.

So even though Square One feels a lot like this:


it’s really this:


To my brojams and sistas who also find themselves chillin’ in Square One – don’t worry! Great things are on their way. Just don’t be too square to see them.

(See what I did there again? Ending the post with a pun? Man, I’m funny).


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