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I’m a Huge Failure


Tomorrow is Gimmel Tammuz, the anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I wrote my last Gimmel Tammuz piece – it seems like literally yesterday.

In Chassidic practice, every occasion is occasion for introspection, be it bitter, sweet, or bittersweet. (“Eff, I just burned my tongue on this scalding cup o’ yosef! What does this mean?”).


How much more so is an occasion as momentous as the passing of a generation’s spiritual leader appropriate for reflection and growth, especially for those of us who have made it our life’s mission to live his teachings.

So, how have I been doing?

Really, really not good.

Man have the past several months been a big clustermess of wasted time.

This blog has been totally neglected. My other blog, #WhatShouldWeL’chaim, has been collecting dust. I’ve barely, if at all, been fulfilling the minimum of my daily prayer and Torah study obligations. So many other things are slipping through the cracks. And I’ve got excuses for all of it.

My soul is surriously malnourished.

That’s gonna change right now.

One of the Rebbe’s main teachings – and one that I’ve espoused here tons of times – is that no matter how low you fall, with one split second of true yearning, you can pull yourself right back up. And not only that, but you will come to see that the ultimate purpose of the descent was for the sake of an even higher ascent.

The Rebbe’s physical passing was a huge descent for the world at large. But the resulting ascent?

Moshiach, baby.

Any second now. Beyond the shadow of a doubt.


One thought on “I’m a Huge Failure

  1. its always nice to hear what you’re thinking – and to feel a little less alone in my own process of growth.
    Thank you Chana 🙂

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