I Also Don’t Like to Work Hard: My Passover Epiphany


Yesterday, I realized that I don’t like to work hard.

I already figured out that I’m not a career woman. And that’s cool.

But when I gave up yesterday after three seconds of trying to get a months-old splatter of applesauce sludge off my living room floor, it hit me: I am freaking lazy. 


I’m seriously on par with this guy.

This was a fitting realization, considering the fact that I finally got around to cleaning the floor because Pesach is coming. (“Passover”, for those of you who don’t habla Hebrew). During Pesach, we can’t have any chametz (leavened products) anywhere on our person or premises. We can’t even have anything that may have come in contact with chametz in our possession. So we overhaul our homes, cars, and offices to rid ourselves of every speck of chametz.

Why? What’s so wrong with a crumb of bread or a little ol’ applesauce stain?


“What’d I ever do to you, yo?”

Because Pesach is all about freeing ourselves from our personal limitations. Pesach celebrates the Israelite’s exodus from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrew word for “Egypt” is Mitzrayim, which means “constraints” or “limitations”. And chametz, being all leavened and puffed up, represents ego.

It’s our ego that keeps us enslaved. To our worldviews, our habits, our fears, our base desires. Our ego is so puffed up, stretched so thin, that any movement, any change, means certain death to it. So it does everything it can to keep us chained in place.

In order to grow, to achieve, to transform, we need to clean out all our inner chametz. Including the stuff that isn’t outright chametz, but may have been affected by it on some level. Vis-a-vis nasty old applesauce sludge on the living room floor.

And that is hard work, my friend. 

If the applesauce doesn’t come off with the first swipe of the Magic Eraser, don’t give up. Break out the ammonia. If that doesn’t work, try Mop and Glo. And if that don’t work, get on your hands and knees and scrape that shizz out with your fingernails.

That is the work of living, the task of the soul in this world – to make its surroundings shine.

Happy Pesach to everyone!


2 thoughts on “I Also Don’t Like to Work Hard: My Passover Epiphany

  1. Or just get a rubbermaid reveal (big brush0, a tin of comet and a bottle of windex. rubbing alcohol also does it. work with the lazy, not against it. my bathroom floor looks newly installed now.
    laziness, harnessed = efficiency

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