Health & Science

How to Build a Human Heart

National Geographic delves into the science of tissue engineering and tracks how scientists are beginning to harness the body’s natural powers to grow skin, muscle, body parts and vital organs, even hearts. If we can grow our own hearts: what does that mean for humanity? 2012, 50 mins.

Next World

This 6-part series looks at trends in technology and health to create a vision of where human society is headed. 2012, 6 episodes, 45 mins each.

Physics of the Impossible

This is an awesome series of 12 short documentaries exploring, through physics, how phenomena relegated to the realm of science fiction could actually be possible. Crazy topics include time travel, teleportation, and building a UFO. 2009, 12 parts, 20 minutes each.

The Science of Babies

Explore the remarkable plasticity of a baby’s brain and see how early experiences influence human development. An excellent primer for new parents, old parents, and the young among us. 2012, 45 mins.

The Weight of the World

This documentary looks at rising obesity in America. Super-sized portions and a twelve billion dollar advertising industry have made for a lethal combination. Other factors: car dominated society, urban sprawl, and jobs that put the emphasis on sitting down and snacking at our desks. This doc also offers solutions for obesity that we can implement in our own lives. 2012, 51 mins.

The World’s Oldest People

Some of the oldest people in the world look back on their lives and reveal how they feel about the here and now. 2011, 50 mins.


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